Since 1917, our family has led the effort to serve the people of Eluru. The serving legacy has inspired us to start the "BADETI SRI HARI RAO SEVA TRUST" on July 12th, 2016. Since the inception, we have allotted two crore rupees to uplift, support and help the people in need.


Our Mission

Our mission is to serve, support, uplift and help the people in distress. We are ready to oblige any need as it gives us the opportunity to serve you and never fail to fulfill the serving legacy of three generations.

I’m leaving this world and left nothing to my family; this is how every leader should be - to serve the people to the extent of one’s sacrifice.
— Badeti Venkata Ramiah Naidu

What We've Achieved

  • Three hundred (300) students have been given the funds to pursue further education.

  • One thousand one hundred (1100) sewing machines have been distributed to make women self-sufficient

  • Ten thousand (10,000) mosquito bats were distributed to support the government initiative.

  • To address the needs of Dalit community, a community hall in the 35th division built with the funds from the trust..

  • A thousand devotees received rupees thousand and hundred sixteen (1116) each to fulfill their wish of completing the visit of "SABARIMALA."

  • Two twenty-one (221) people received the monetary support from the trust for marriages, medical expenses, etc.,

  • When the management denied the bonus on the festive eve, we took the initiative of offering the rewards to all the 1556 workers in the Jute mill.